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I am an Australian native who founded my first wine importing company in the United States in 1992, importing my family’s brand, a happy accident that occured when my father asked for help with finding a US importer. I decided to become that importer and added to it a motley crew of small vineyards from little known regions, which gradually morphed into a collection of iconic, family-owned wineries from renowned regions. I began at a time when Americans were just beginning to discover wines from the Southern Hemisphere and ridden the waves of popularity and extreme change ever since.

I’ve been fortunate to have travelled all over Australia, New Zealand and the US throughout my wine career, visiting vineyards and working with distributors, conducting wine dinners and tastings and speaking at wine festivals, on radio and television. For six years I served on the wine board of the Australian Trade Commission in New York, helping to shape early Australian wine marketing policies.

My first book, How To Import Wine – An Insider’s Guide (Wine Appreciation Guild) is considered by reviewers to be a groundbreaking manual on wine importing and distribution.

Although I occasionally wander off the beaten path, this blog is designed primarily to share my perspective on issues that relate to the business of wine, and provide helpful information to those who may consider embarking on importing and distributing careers. Hopefully, I don’t send them screaming in the opposite direction.

Consulting to the wine industry, including new importer issues and federal and state compliance, is my primary business these days. I am also working on a second book, providing a perspective to foreign wineries who are looking for entry into the U.S.

8 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Graeme Lofts said:

    Hi Deborah. My name is Graeme Lofts and like you, I’ve written a book shortlisted for the Gourmand Cookbook Awards. Congratulations, by the way. Mine is in the New World Wines category. Although Heart & Soul is far from my first book, it’s my first solo effort, and my second outside the science & physics text book ‘genre’. I’m also intending to offer a session at the International WIne Bar with a tasting hosted by an Australian family-owned wine company.
    I look forward to meeting you at Follies Bergere and at the Fair. Warm regards, Graeme

  2. I have just finished reading for the 2nd time, “How to Import Wine.” Great book Deborah. You’ve definitely shed some light on such a secretive business to those who have never done it. I’m taking notes on every chapter and I’m taping them to my wall so I can get better organized. I want to take a picture of it and send to you! You’d love it! I’m glad I found your blog. Keep up the good work!

    • Tony, thank you so much for taking the time to let me know about your experience with my book. I’d love to see a photo of that wall! Best of luck with your new business and your continuing journey of discovery in wine.

  3. Hi Deborah

    I read that you do consulting. Im interested in speaking with you.
    How do I contact you?
    Can you email me?

    Thanks so much


  4. CJ, Glad you found me and thanks for the interest. I will email you.

  5. Dear Deborah,

    My business partner and I were very lucky to find your book. It helped us enormously to set up own wine importing business. You gave us so much insight in how to start the whole process and see the big picture.

    We are so fortunate to have many other opportunities open up to us while setting up our venture.

    I would love to chat to you about one of these opportunities and get your advice.

    Thank you!