How To Import Wine – An Insider’s Guide Third Edition released on December 4, 2022. Currently available from Amazon. Other booksellers will be added in the coming days. Revised throughout to keep pace with global challenges in the midst of a pandemic, regulatory changes, the temporary and perhaps permanent changes resulting from the period, and addressing online sales.

Early days for reviews yet, but here are just some of the comments from wine professionals on LinkedIn:

“Your first edition inspired me to be in the field.”

“Your previous edition inspired me and was a great asset. I read it multiple times.”

“This is a great book!”

“The 3rd edition is a cracking read! A much needed guide to navigating a challenging business.”

“Congratulations! Loved the previous addition and can’t wait to pick up the revised addition!”

It has been mentioned in reviews that that “it feels like having a personal conversation with a friend,” “very hard to put down,” “honest,” “inspiring, “lively,” and “a pleasure to read.” I love those descriptions, because I set out to write a book about a potentially dry subject and hoped that it was ultimately both informative and engaging. This is what the publisher says:

“An experienced wine importer in the U.S., Deborah shares her own story of her many years in an intriguing industry in this groundbreaking new book on wine importing and distribution. Most importantly, she gives any aspiring importer the necessary tools to enter this field and negotiate its complicated maze. Clear steps, detailed formats and specific resources are linked to real world examples of approaching different aspects of wine importing and distribution in the U.S.  It is an in-depth business guide, with a very human touch.

It is also an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to understand how this fascinating aspect of the wine industry operates – from foreign wineries who sell to the importer to the retailer who buys from him or her.”

“This book is essential reading.” Thomas Matthews, Executive Editor, Wine Spectator magazine.

“I think it is the best and most comprehensive piece on the subject I’ve seen in print. I am certain this book will make a valuable contribution to the wine industry.” Dr Janeen Olsen, Professor of Wine Marketing at Sonoma State University and author of Wine Marketing and Sales.

“I didn’t think a book about the wine business could be as interesting to read as this book was, but I found it very hard to put down. You feel like you are having a personal conversation with a friend that is very knowledgeable about the business.” Boris Guttierez, Chilean wine blogger.

“…for you importer wannabes, Deborah M. Gray’s book is your life line.” Jo Diaz, Wine Blog, Finalist for 2011 Best Industry Wine Blog, Wine Blog Awards.

Winner, Best U.S. Professional Wine Book 2011, Gourmand International.

Second, Best Professional Wine Book World, Gourmand International

Exporting wine cover jpeg

The Exporter’s Handbook to the U.S. Wine Market.

Released January 1, 2016. Available from Amazon and other booksellers.

Independent Amazon review:

“This new Handbook is a natural follow-up to Deborah’s very popular “How-to” import wines. It gives a thorough yet readable review of the complex three tier wine distribution system in the USA. While some how to books give generalized advice, Deborah’s is given through the lens of her own experience.”


How to Import Wine – An Insider’s Guide – Second Edition.  Completely revised, with additional content, released July 31, 2018